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The work of Oakland-based sound artist and violinist Marielle Jakobsons focuses on experiences which are at once "natural" and technologically-altered.

Receiving her MFA in Electronic Music from Mills College in May 2006, she studied improvisation with Fred Frith, electronic and computer music with Chris Brown, Maggi Payne, and Les Stuck. Her thesis work Two Violins and a Theatre: A Triptych of Resonances is an immersive performance environment utilizing water, light, custom electronics and interactive computer programming to deconstruct the violin as a sonic interface. At the CCMIX in Paris, France, shestudied computer music composition with Gerard Pape, Jean-Claude Risset, Trevor Wishart, and Curtis Roads. Marielle received her B.A. in Music Performance and Biology from Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Institute of Music, studying contemporary piano performance with Anita Pontremoli and founding the Case New Music Ensemble.  Prior, she studied classical violin with Yoko Moore, assistant concertmaster of the Cleveland Orchestra.

Marielle performs regularly across the country in various musical acts: her solo project darwinsbitch, and in her bands myrmyr and TrioMetrik, as well as many side projects and ad hoc ensembles with friends and collaborators. Commercially, she designs sounds and interactive music for The Sims video games and is an educator of sound arts at all levels, from children's workshops to developing the course Experimental Sound Art at San Francisco State University.

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Recent solo work as darwinsbitch [myspace/darwinsbitch] has been heard throughout the West Coast and releases with Aphonia Recordings and Digitalis. darwinsbitch is fluid forms of drones, doomy laments, and folk melodies fleshed out from a backbone of sine oscillators and violin.

Together with multi-instrumentalist Agnes Szelag she forms the electroacoustic duo myrmyr (myspace/myrmyr), and have performed around the Bay Area, the Northwest and East coasts. "The Amber Sea" album is due out mid-2009.

Marielle is the violinist of the interactive multimedia ensemble TrioMetrik, which has performed at electronic music festivals across the country, and utilizes Max/MSP/Jitter to network visuals with electronic instruments and custom controllers.

Other side projects include music/sound design for the noh-style group Theatre of Yugen, Date Palms of Psalms with Gregg Kowalsky,the Illuminated Corridor, Moe!kestra, and many more.....


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