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darwinsbitch is fluid forms of drones, doomy laments, and folk melodies fleshed out from a backbone of sine oscillators and violin. Seen in the Bay Area, West Coast, and Europe since 2006.



listen to live set performed in olympia, wa 11.07

listen to track "in raven's dissipation"

more to hear:

watch live at Pocket Sandwich, Portland, Oregon, 02.09

watch live at Godwaffle Noise Pancakes 12.1.07

watch live at luggage store gallery 3.1.07




Discography & Reviews

OREORE [2009] Digitalis

"a remarkably assured exercise in electro-acoustic dronescaping... an impressive degree of patience, control, skill, and delicacy. Though understated by design, Ore nevertheless impresses as a tour de force" -- Textura full text here

"a slow burring monumental slab of post-apocalyptic dooooomy ambience" -- Aquarius Records full text here

Steel HumSteel Hum [2008] Digitalis Ltd

"a mystical venture to unknown crossroads where Indian classical music meets modern composition... sounds like a lost recording of some ancient violinist, dug up in midst of some industrial ruins" -Aquarius Records

INDUCTION EPInduction EP [2007] Aphonia




"In a perfect world, Marielle Jakobsons’ blackened monster of a solo debut would cause legions of uninspired drone artists to smash their laptops and sine oscillators in frustration and scurry about trying to find something else to do. I suspect that probably will not happen, but Ore is nevertheless one singularly scary, fully-formed, and brilliant work." full text here
-- Brainwashed

"Jakobsons explores various territories per piece, and once fully covered, she let's go. . That's what makes this a great release. Drone music that is to the point and not droning for the sake of it." full text here
-- Vital Weekly

"a soft and beautiful nightmare in which violins pick the pockets of unsuspecting oscillators and subversive melodies slowly give way to new hiding places"
--The Bay Bridged full text here

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//older mvj solo sounds\\


droplets from downpours [2006]

A rainy avenue was recorded through glass of attic windows. Above the wet pavement, melancholy vocal mums combine with distorted piano, acoustic guitar, harddrive hums, and percussive grains of bells and drums.


nolamenthe [2005]

with Kristine Barrett (banjo) Agnes Szelag (cello) Alicia Byer (clarinet) mvj (violin, voice, prepared piano) also featuring Refrigerator and Bathroom Fan.


longtemps [2006]

il y avais longtemps, qu'elle a entendu les petites lumieres émises de ses cordes

it had been a longtime, since she heard the tiny lights radiating from her strings


contact improvisation [2005]

Performed with Katie Arrands, dance, at 21 Grand, Oakland, 7.9.05.


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